“Once we have a vision, then our control of theory, our command of institutional detail, and our knowledge of history are to be marshaled to support the vision”

“To analyze how financial commitments affect the economy it is necessary to look at economic units in terms of their cash flows. The cash flow approach looks at all units – be they households, corporations, state and municipal governments, or even national governments – as if they were banks.”

“Space is a social morphology: it is to lived experience what form itself is to the living organism, and just as intimately bound up with function and structure … what we are concerned with, then, is the long history of space, even though space is neither a ‘subject’ or an ‘object’ but rather a social reality – that is to say, a set of relations and forms”


“How did we get into this mess in the first place? As in the 1920s, the current “disturbance” started with a “mania.” But manias always have a cause. If you investigate individually the manias that the market has so dubbed over the years, in every case, it was expansive monetary policy that generated the boom in an asset.”